Frequently Asked Questions

Are the 2CV accessible to passengers with moving disabilities?

Persons with moving disabilities are welcome in our cars. A folding chair fits in the car trunk and our chauffeur will make sure that the passengers are comfortably seated. When making the reservation, could you mention in the page “Billing information” that a folding chair will have to be placed in the trunk. 


Are the tours commented?

Our drivers, for whom Brussels has no secrets anymore, will comment on the visit. The comments are a mix of history, news and anecdotes on our capital.


In which languages are the tours commented?

 Our drivers-guides comment on the visit in French, English or Dutch. The choice of the language has to be made upon reservation.


Does the 2CV remain open during the visit?

 It is up to the passengers to decide whether the roof remains open. Blankets are available if you are cold. You can, for example, start the visit with the roof open and decide later on to close it. 


How many passengers are allowed per 2CV ?

The maximum number of passengers allowed is 3 persons (one on the front and two on the rear). If you are more than 3 persons, you can book several 2CV (see FAQ below)!  


Are pets allowed in the 2CV?

Small animals carried in a suitable bag are accepted.


What is the place of appointment for the start and finish of the tour? 

The places of departure and arrival are located on the Royal Square (Place Royale) nearby the Brussels Info Place (BIP) of Visitbrussels.



Can the driver-guide pick me up at the hotel?

For the visit with a duration of minimum 1:30 our driver-guides can pick you up and bring you back to your hotel if located in city centre or near the route of the circuit.

Please specify on the reservation you want us to pick you up as well as the name and address of your hotel. This request must be made under "Additional Information" in the sheet "Billing Details" or by email: info@brussels-on-wheels.be. Please do specify the reference of your booking. This request cannot be guaranteed and will be followed by the sending of confirmation email to you. Otherwise the point of departure and arrival will be the Royal Square or Place Royale.


Can the route or the duration of a tour be modified?

It is possible to change the route of a tour or to lengthen its duration. For these changes, please contact directly Brussels on Wheels (info@brussels-on-wheels.be or +32 472 82 82 30)


How to book a tour?

 On www.Brussels-on-Wheels.be:

 Select the tour, the date and the desired time. Click on the frame "Book Now. A tour with up to 3 passengers is added to your cart. You can either add a second tour again selecting a tour, a date and a time or complete your order by clicking on "proceed with the order." Then you register your details, optionally create an account and make payment of the full price via PayPal that accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.


By phone:

Contact us at +32 82 472 82 30. We can check availability for all tours, so you can make payment of the full price by sending your credit card number.


A the desk of:

 VISITBRUSSELS - Brussels Info Place (BIP)

2 rue Royale, 1000 Brussels

Tel. + 32 (0) 2 513 89 40


- Monday to Friday from 9am to 17:45 on weekends and public holidays from 10am to 17:45

- The 24/12 and 31/12: 9 am to 15h

- Closed: 25/12 and 1/1


 How to book several 2CV?

 Select the tour, the date and the desired time. Click on the frame "Book Now". The first tour with a maximum of 3 passengers is added to your cart.

Reselect the same tour, the same date and the same time. Your cart now contains the 2 tours with up to 6 passengers. You can click on the button "proceed with the order." You will then register your details and make payment via PayPal.

If there is no other available cars at the same time, you can delete the selected tours of your shopping cart and choose another date or time.

You can also contact us by email or phone so we check the availability and proceed with booking and payment by phone.

 If you want to book more than 3 cars, please contact directly Brussels-on-Wheels (info@brussels-on-wheels.be or +32 472 82 82 30).


Can I book for a company?

Please indicate under "Additional Information" of the sheet "Billing Information” the billing details of your companyn and the company's VAT number so we can send you a bill. Our prices include 21% VAT.


What documents to bring at the start of a tour?

 At the departure place, please bring the confirmation email of the reservation.


How can I change my reservation?

 Any request to change a reservation must be sent to info@brussels-on-wheels.be (specifying the reservation number, customer name, the date and time of the tour). Any change in date or content may not be guaranteed and will be carried out depending on availability.


Modification policy:

  • Change Request 72h before the start of the service, no charge;
  • Change Request less than 72 hours before the start of the service, a processing fee of € 20 will apply.


How can I cancel my booking?

All cancellations must be sent to info@brussels-on-wheels.be (specifying the reservation number, customer name, the date and time of reservation).


  • Cancellation 72 hours before the start of the service, 100% refund of the amount (minus possible bank fees)
  • Cancellation between 72 hours and 24 hours before the start of the service, 50% refund of the amount (minus possible bank fees)

° Cancellations within 24 hours before the start of the service, no refund


How to contact us?

Do you have other question? Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

+32 472 82 82 30